Job Opportunity: Become an Independent Marketing Representative in Your Area

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Work at home
Job Opportunity: Become an Independent Marketing Representative in your areas.

African rooster dot com is looking for energetic independent marketing representative in all big cities in USA, Canada, Europe, Kenya, and Tanzania.

You will be working at home.
You do not need to quit your current job.
We offer competitive commission ranging from 15% up to 50% of the total revenue you made.
No experience is needed. Training is available to the qualified applicants.
You must be 18 years old or above to qualify for these positions.

If you are interested in this position, please, send us an email at

Please pass this message to your friends.

Some of the advantages for joining our team of marketing representatives
Although the list is endless, bellow are some of the benefits that you will experience for working together with the management of the African Rooster Dot Com and other representatives around the world.
1. Working at home: The program allows you to working at home, which in turn it gives you flexibility of not quitting your full time job. The program allows you to utilize your spare time in wisely manners.
2. Flexibility: The program also allows you to set your hour and days of work. In other words, you can keep your current job while working with us and make extra income.
3. Personal supervision: Incredible, what a joy to have a job that allows you to work at home with no one to tell you what to do. In this program, your will enjoy to be your own boss!
4. An ability to maximize your revenue: The program rewards hard workers with the philosophy of “the more you work hard and smart, the more you earn”. Generally, there are very few types of jobs that offer an opportunity to generate more income for a short time. The rule of thumb is to dedicate yourself through working hard and smart.
5. Get paid every two weeks: You do not need to wait until the end of the month to be paid. All members of marketing team receive their checks every two weeks guarantee.
6. No experience is needed: Any one who knows how to read and write and who is ready to earn extra cash can join our team. Gradually, we will be offering training programs over the email.
7. It covers wide geographical area: African Rooster Dot Com operates in USA, Canada, Europe, Kenya, and Tanzania. We are working very hard to open the door to other Africa countries soon.
8. We accept people of all cultures and backgrounds: African Rooster Dot Com does not discriminate anyone from any background. We accept anyone regardless of your sex, gender, nationality, religion, or geographical location.

Above are just some of the potential benefits that you may enjoy once you decided to join our team of energetic marketing representative members that are scattered around the world. Once again, on behalf of other members of management, I sincerely congratulate you for taking one-step ahead of others and be willing not just to join our team of marketing representatives, but also to earn big income for a short period.

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Jasmine Kisila rates this listing with

I am so proud on myself, making an average of $750 a month.
I like this, let me call it a second job.
First of all, I am working at home and earning extra cash, what a joy!
Secondly, I am my own boss.
No body tells me what to do.
As the matter of fact, I am working this job only in my spare time.
This is a job to undertake in case you have a spare time or you need extra money as I do!

09/01/2014 - 12:56 pm

+ 1

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