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The company possesses knowledgeable and experienced staffs that are capable to suite various business-related challenges to maximize your sustainable competitive advantage.


Tropix Consulting addresses the critical questions facing small and medium size business owners or their senior executives in questions regarding blueprints for growth and increased shareholder value. By helping our clients, it gives their stakeholders high degree of activeness and direct responsibility in planning, innovation, operations, and delivering high quality products and satisfactory service. Tropix Consulting is highly dedicated to provide business owners with strategic consulting to generate value creation at a lower cost and at a minimum risk. Our target is to improve our clients’ revenue growth, improved retention, maximize return on investments (ROI), and lower business operating expenditures. The result: our clients are able to innovate faster, maintain profitable supplier partnerships, attract the best talent, generate greater ecosystem value, and exceed social responsibility.

Tropix Consulting also offer an entrepreneurial mentoring program to prospective and new business owners. There are many procedures that new business owners are facing while starting their businesses; meanwhile, majority of them have no solid business backgrounds to encounter these challenges. Study showed that in 2006, there were 649,700 new businesses and 564,900 existing businesses that closed. Nearly 50% of all small businesses close within the first 5 years. Since these obstacles have direct effect in endangering continuity of most business owners, Tropix Consulting is here to assist these entrepreneurs to develop the skills and entrepreneurial competencies necessary to overcome these business challenges.

Our passion is helping struggling business owners.
Relay on us to solve your business problems permanently.
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